Patron Library Card Policy

Hamilton County Library requires patrons to have a library card in order to checkout items. The Patron Library Card Policy explains what is required for patrons to register for a library card. It also lists the item limits, loan periods and fines associated with late, lost or damaged items. Information on reserving books and renewing books are also located int the Library Card Policy

Patron Library Card Policy

Registering for a Library Card
Any person residing in Hamilton County may obtain a free library card by registering at the Hamilton County Library. When applying for a card, we prefer to see a photo ID with current address. Since that is not always possible, we will accept a photo ID and another form of current address verification, such as a piece of mail.
Non-residents of Hamilton County must provide a current photo ID and proof of mailing address.

There is no waiting period to check out items for new accounts.

The Hamilton County Library participates in the Kansas Library eCard. It provides access to digital materials available to all Kansas residents (ebooks/audiobooks, research databases). It is not so much a physical “card” as it is a login for online materials at the State Library of Kansas website.

Item Limits, Loan Periods, and Fines
Books, Audio CDs, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, Playaway Books, and Magazines may be checked out for a loan period of two weeks. There are no limits on the number of each of these items that a patron card may have checked out except for DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Each patron card is only allowed to check out 3 DVD and/or Blu-Ray items at a time. All of these items may be renewed if there are no reserves or holds.

Mifi devices and Playaway Launchpads may be checked out for a loan period of one week Mifi devices and Playaway Launchpads may not be renewed.

The library charges an overdue fine of 10 cents per item, per day, with the exception of DVD and Blu-Ray discs, Mifi devices, and Launchpads. The overdue fine for Mifi devices is $5.00 per day. The overdue fine for DVD and Blu-Ray discs, and Launchpads is $1.00 per item, per day. Fines do not accrue on any day the library is closed; weekends, holidays, inclement weather, and special closure. The maximum fine for any item is the replacement cost of that item, plus a $5.00 service fee. Items need to be returned to the front desk or drop box by close on the day it is due. Items dropped in the drop box after the library has closed will incur fines for that day.

Borrowing Privileges
Borrowing privileges will be suspended when the amount of unpaid fines reaches $5.00.
Lost or Damaged Materials
Lost or damaged materials will be charged the replacement cost of that item, plus a $5.00 service fee. An item will be moved to lost once it has been overdue for 60 days. The replacement cost of an item may be refunded if found in good condition and within 30 days after the library has declared the item lost. The $5.00 processing is not refunded if the item is recovered. Patrons are asked not to purchase replacement items without first consulting with the Library Director, as variations in materials exist (ex. hardcover versus paperback).
Renewing Library Materials
Most items can be renewed up to three times (exception of Mifi devices and Launchpads). Items that are on hold for another patron cannot be renewed. Materials can be renewed in person, by telephone, email, or online via the Library Catalog.

Interlibrary loans may be renewed depending on the policy of the lending library, please call the library for confirmation.

Reserving Library Materials
Materials, on order by the library and/or cataloged, may be placed on reserve in person, by telephone, email, or online via the Library Catalog.
Patrons may choose to receive weekly notices about their library card status via email. Those who choose to opt out of these notices at registration acknowledge that this is a courtesy reminder and responsibility to return items on time falls on them. The library and staff are not responsible for reminding patrons of items out and/or overdue.
Confidentiality of Patron Records
The library, staff, and volunteers keep all patron records confidential as defined in the Hamilton County Library Confidentiality Statement (See Appendix A).


A pdf. version of the Patron Library Card and Borrower Policy can also be found online or at the Hamilton County Library

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