Student Library Card Policy

The Student Library Card and Borrower policy is for Students of USD 494. During the School year students may checkout books during, and for, school at Hamilton County Library. The Student Library Card is required for Students to be able to do this. Information about registering for a Student account, fines associated with late, damaged, or missing items, is all located in the Student Library Card and Borrower Policy

Student Library Card and Borrower Policy

Registering for a Student Library Card
Any student enrolled in USD 494 during the current academic year is eligible to obtain a FREE library card by registering with the Hamilton County Library during pre-enrollment in August, or at the library during the academic year. Library cards will only be given to students with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Item Limits, Loan Periods, and Fines
Student library cards may only be used during the current academic year (first day of school through the last day of school). Students are allowed to check out one item at a time. Blu-Ray and DVD movies, as well as Mifi devices, are not allowed to be checked out with a school library card. Exception to these item limits may be given with the discretion of library staff and/or teacher when necessary (ex. research paper materials).

Any item checked out under the student library card will not have a designated loan period. With courtesy to other students and community patrons, the library asks that items, particularly of high interest, be returned in a reasonable time period.

No items checked out under the student library card will accrue overdue fines. An item not returned at the end of the school year, will be considered lost. Any damaged items, or items not returned, will be charged to the student in the amount of the replacement cost plus a $5.00 service fee. The school will receive a list of costs and fees to assist in collection of any funds due.

All student library card holders have the option to receive a weekly e-mail reminder from the library with a list of items out. If the parent/guardian does not provide a working email during the registration process, the parent/guardian and student are waiving library notification and will still be held responsible for all lost or damaged items at the end of the school year. It is up to the parent/guardian and/or student to update changes to account information with the library.

A pdf. version of the Student Library Card and Borrower Policy is available. Una versión en español también está disponible aqui.

A copy of the registration form for the Student Library Card can be found here or at the front desk at Hamilton County Library.

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