Adult Events and Education

Hamilton County Library offers several adult programs designed to make reading fun. Adult Programs also seek to help Adult Patrons learn more about the library; helping them to utilize their Library efficiently and Simply.

Reading Challenges

The Hamilton County Library offers several reading challenges throughout the year. The Reading challenges main goal is to make reading fun! They are also designed to stretch the Patrons throughout the challenge; introducing them to new genres, authors, and books that they might not have read other wise. There are always amazing prizes for those who are able to conquer the challenge. Will You? Be on the Look Out for the next Adult Reading Challenge from Hamilton County Library!

Library Classroom

Classes Offered through the Library Classroom are designed to help Patrons to learn more about their Library. These include Lessons on how to use the Online Catalog, informational discussions on the various resources offered online through the Kansas State Library, and are also available to answer any other questions that our Patrons might have about their Library.


Have you ever wanted to see how much you really know? Now is your chance through Trivia. Whether you play as a group or as an individual you are sure to have an incredible time as you go up against some of the hardest trivia questions there are! Hamilton County Library hosts Trivia at local businesses around Syracuse. This is fun for the whole family. Bring them along, with your friends, as you try to survive three rounds of fun and interesting trivia. Be on the look out for announcements for more information!

Blind Book Dates

Blind Book Dates are a fun way to get introduced to new books! A spoof off of speed dating; patrons will be given a book where they cant see the cover. Then they will be given several minutes to start reading the book they were given. After they are finished reading, patrons will then have time to rate their book. Did they like it or not so much? After rating they will be given a new book to be introduced to. Will it be love at first sight? There’s only one way to find out, join us at Blind Book Dates!

Be on the lookout for more information and announcements about these great programs throughout the year!

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