Teen Events and Education

Hamilton County Library offers several exciting and engaging programs and events that allow teens opportunities to have fun and to become leaders in their communities.

Teen Events

Hamilton Count Library offers several Teen Events that take place throughout the year.

  • Fright Night- TEENS!! Have you ever wanted to spend the night watching scary movies? Now is your chance! Watch some scary movies at the library.
  • All Night Movie Marathon-Who doesnt want to watch movies all night? Each year Hamilton County Library will host an All Night Movie Marathon at the Northrup Movie Theater.
  • End of the Year Barbecue-Want to eat some good food and play in a sand vollyball tournament? The End of the Year Barbecue, held every year, is the place to be.

Watch for more information for these events throughout the year.

Library Leadership Program

The Library Leadership Group are Friends of the Library groups. The Jr. High and the High School have their own Library Leadership Group.   Each group meets monthly throughout the year. The Jr. High and High School groups join together and volunteer for a Community Service Projects and have an annual fundraiser. Both 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 Library Leadership Groups volunteer project was delivering Friday meals for the VIP.

2016-2017 Library Leadership Group

The 2016-2017 Library Leadership Program held the 2nd Annual Wreath and Tree Topper Raffle as their fundraiser. Patrons could enter for a raffle and have a chance at winning either a Wreath created by a Friend of the Library or a Whimsical Tree Topper donated by The Garden Shed.  The proceeds of the fundraiser went towards teen education and teen events at the Hamilton County Library.

The 2016-2017 Library Leadership Friends Group received the Outstanding Friends Group Award. This award is voted on by a committee and is given to the Friends of Kansas Library Group that best meets the following requirements:

  • The group has to have project(s) that benefit the community.
  • The creativity of their projects and activities
  • positive and helpful impact on their local library.



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