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Technology is playing a major role in how we seek and find the information that we need. Even though there is a ton of information at our finger tips, through the internet, sometimes, it is difficult to find proper, concise, and helpful information. Much of the information on the internet is not academic and can be misleading. There are many educational and beneficial services that are offered online. Unfortunately, many of them go undiscovered. That is where libraries are filling the gap.

Hamilton County Library offers access to many online resources to help patrons seek out the information they need. Whether that means allowing Patrons to access the internet on one of the Library’s computers, being able to search for books on the online catalog or connecting patrons with numerous other websites and materials that will help patrons. These Resources will provide patrons with continued education, fun, and provide help completing tasks for business and everyday needs. These resources are varied and will cover a wide range of support to our patrons. The Library has long been a source of education, but it is also a place of imagination and discovery. These  Rescources are avialable both online and at Hamilton County Libray.

“Education is becoming more and more
important…technology is playing a major role in how
we seek and find the information that we need.”

Resources Available Through Hamilton County Library

The Biggest resource that Hamilton County Library offers is access to the internet itself. The Hamilton County Library has six desktop computers that are able to connect to the internet. The Hamilton County library also has a public WiFi that the community can use 24/7. Also available are MiFi Hotspots which allow you to connect your phone or other electronic device to the internet wherever you go. This means that students, business associates, and the community never have to fear not being able to access the internet, even if they are on a trip!

Online Catalog

The Online Catalog is a major online resource that the Hamilton County Library offers. Through the Online Catalog Patrons can login to their accounts and search for books that the library offers. Any Non-fiction or Fiction book, CD, or DVD the Library has will show up and the patron can reserve that book so they can check it out later. Many times people do not want to spend thirty minutes looking for a book. Now Patrons can find the book they want through a quick online search.   Patrons are also able to renew the books they have checked out, check on the status of their books, and place books on hold. The Online Catalog can be found here.

Also, be on the look out for Classes, hosted by Hamilton County Library, instructing Patrons on how to access these wonderful resources that are available.

Inter-Library Loan

Cant Find the Book that you need? Hamilton County Library can loan the book you are looking for from another library in Kansas. This is accomplished by all the libraries cooperating together. When you request a book, audiobook or DVD from Inter-Library Loan; Hamilton County Library asks the other libraries in Kansas to send their copy of the item that was requested. When Hamilton County Library receives it, the patron can pick it up. When the patron returns it, Hamilton County Library send the copy back to the Library that loaned it. Please allow up to one week after requesting a item for that item to arrive at Hamilton County Library.  To request a book, audiobook, or DVD, Simply ask a librarian at Hamilton County Library to request a book through Inter-Library Loan.


The Hamilton County Library has a wide collection of Non-Fiction books that will provide reference for any educational or professional needs. The Hamilton County Library offers Non-Fiction books that cover a Multitude of information. Some of the areas covered are:

  • Biographies
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • History
  • Planting and Home Improvement
  • Car Manuel’s
  • Cookbooks

To find the book you need: go the the online catalog and search, or visit the library and ask a librarian to help you find the information you need.

Reader Advisory

Cant Find a good book to read? Don’t know where a certain book is located? Looking for the next book in your favorite series? Never fear, The librarians at Hamilton County library can help you locate any book that you might need. They can also help you find the great book you are looking for. Author suggestion, books that are similar, and a knowledge of the Library, will help you locate the right book for you.

Technology Based Services

The Hamilton County library offers several technology based services for a minimal fee to the community. These services are:

  • Receive and Send Faxes
  • Print Documents
  • Copy Documents
  • Laminate Documents
  • Scan Documents to E-Mail or File
  • Accu-cut Room

For more information about these Technology Based Services go to our Faxing, Printing, Copying page.


For more information regarding these services or resources contact the Hamilton County Library at (620) 384-5622 or stop by Hamilton County Library from 9-5:00 Mon, Wed, Fri and 9-6:00 T, Th

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