Teacher Resources

The Hamilton County library has many resources that are available to teachers. Many of them can easily be utilized in the classroom.

Available Books

Need a book for your class? Hamilton County Library has many books and all of them are available for teachers to use. Hamilton County Library has a wide selection of children books that can meet any of your teaching needs. We have many classic books such as, Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Plus we have many newer and Popular books like, Pete the Cat. We also have many Non-Fiction books that are easy to read and understand for young readers such as The Amazing Animals series.

InterLibrary Loan

Cant find the book you need? Don’t Worry! We can borrow it from another library for you! However, we ask that you inform us of the book you need at least 1 week before you will use it in class.

Online Resources:


Tumble Book Library

Tumble Book Library is a fun online source for books. Designed for elementary kids, they are able to search and read along with the book the choose. Each book is read by a narrator and plays in a video fashion. There is also a section for learning a different language. Contains Fiction and Non-Fiction books. Tumble Book Library cannot be shown in front of a class. However, individual students can watch these books by themselves on their own computer. To go to Tumble Book Library: go to the Research for Kids page on the Kansas State Library Website and then click on the Tumble Book Library Link.


BookFlix is a fun online reading website that has both videos of books and books that children can read for themselves. They also have the option of having a narrator read with them. Children search for books by Genre and then by Title. To go to BookFlix: go to the Research for Kids page on the Kansas State Library website and click on the BookFlix link. Like Tumble Book Library, BookFlix  cannot be shown in front of a class. However, individual students can watch these books by themselves on their own computer.


The Britannica Resources


Why should you let your students search through questionable resources online? Britannica School is the Britannica Encyclopedia designed especially for School aged readers. Britannica School is split up in three different sections: Elementary, Middle School and High School. For Elementary students: go to the Research for Kids page on the Kansas State Library website and click on Britannica School. For High School and Middle School, go to the Student Research page. Then Click on Britannica School Link. This is a must use resource for study and research and a must use for your students to use in the classroom.

Britannica Library/Britannica Academic

The Britannica Library and the Britannica Academic are  major sources of information. They are 100 times more convenient and faster than looking through the Britannica Encyclopedia without losing any of the information or credibility. Just enter a search item and you are on your way. Britannica Academic has articles from journals, books, and videos over certain search criteria. It also contains a dictionary!  To reach either the Britannica Library or Britannica Academic go to the Kansas State Online Resource Page and click on Britannica Library or Britannica Academic under the General Research heading.



EBSCOhost is a great place to find journal and books that can be read on line and can then be used as sources for papers and homework. To utilize it the most efficiently we suggest to do the following:

  1. Go to the Databases/General Research Page at the Kansas State Library.
  2. Click on Academic Search Premier Link. This will open an KSLIB/EBSCOhost search page.
  3. Click on the Choose Database Link about the search bar.
  4. Deselect the “Academic Search Premier” from the list of databases that appear.
  5. Select the “Book Collection of Nonfiction” for either Elemenatry, Middle School, or High School Options.




History Reference Center

The History Reference Center is similar in concept to EBSCOhost, except it is specifically for History. You can choose if you want to explore US history or world history. Then what time/area/culture etc. A list of journal articles and books will appear. These journals and articles can be used for research in a paper or for homework. The History Reference Center can be accessed by going to the Student Research Page and clicking on the History Reference Center link.

Mango Languages

Want to learn a language for free? Welcome to Mango Language. Students can learn multiple languages using this program. This will prove to be a challenging and meaningful free time activity or extra credit opportunity for your students! Teachers can also use this program to help them to communicate better with their students! Students and Teachers will have to setup accounts  in order to save their progress. Mango Language can be accessed by going to either the Research for Kids page or the Student Research Page and clicking on the Mango Languages link.

Accelerated Reader

This Accelerated Reader website allows you to search for the reading level and point value of any book that has a accelerated reader test. Search by book title, author, or ISBN. This website is very useful for students, parents and teachers.

Teachers, we want to know how we can help you! If you have any suggestions please let us know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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