Get Ready for Summer Library Program!

Get ready to rock at your library this summer. Hamilton County Library will be jamming out May 29-June 1 as kids riff through cool books, participate in groovy activities and jam to some music themed movies. Two special guest will help everyone to learn more about, and create, music.

Children ages 5-2nd Grade will meet every morning from 9-12. Children in 3rd-6th Grade will meet everyday from 1-3 P.M.

Also kicking off is the Summer Reading Program. Set a goal, read, and win a prize! Children can choose to read a certain amount of books, read for a set amount of time or read a certain amount of pages. Toward the end of the summer all the children who rocked and rolled and met their reading goals will get an awesome prize! The Summer Reading Program will start May 24th and will end July 13th.

Pick up your tally sheets on the 24th, jam at Summer Library Program and show the world that Libraries Rock!

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