School Resources

The Hamilton County library has many resources that are available to teachers and students.

Available Books

Need a book for your class? Hamilton County Library has many books and all of them are available for teachers and students to use. Check out the Hamilton County Online Catalog to see whats available!

InterLibrary Loan

Can’t find the book you need? Don’t Worry! We can borrow it from another library for you! Please request the book you need at least 1 week before you will need it in class so that we can receive it in time. Fill out the InterLibrary Loan Request Form to order a book today!

Online Resources:

The following resources are all accessed through the Kansas State Library. Login to your Kansas State Library E-Card before using any of the resources.


Why use questionable resources online? Britannica School is the Britannica Encyclopedia designed especially for School aged readers. Britannica School is split up into three different sections: Elementary, Middle School and High School.

Explora is powered by EBSCOhost. Is is an awesome place to find peer reviewed journal and book entries over a variety of subjects. It is also Google Classroom Friendly. .

Need information on a controversial topic? The Issues and Controversies Database is a great place to find information for any-side of a topic.

The History Reference Center is similar in concept to EBSCO host, except it is specifically for History. You can choose if you want to explore US history or world history. Then what time/area/culture etc.

Other Resources:

There are many other resources that are available through the Kansas State Library. From learning languages to finding ACT and ASFAB practice tests to kid friendly resources.

Accelerated Reader

This Accelerated Reader website allows you to search for the reading level and point value of any book that has a accelerated reader test. Search by book title, author, or ISBN. This website is very useful for students, parents and teachers.

Teachers, we want to know how we can help you! If you have any suggestions please let us know. Thanks!

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